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Solidarité avec la Palestine, respect du droit international, actions contre l’occupation et la colonisation des territoires palestiniens, lutte contre toutes les formes de racisme, participation à la campagne internationale BDS.

  • Or how to take money from taxpayers and use it to please Israel.
    Given the fact that there has been about fifteen trials in France, and more to come, indicting women and men who call for a boycott of Israeli products, we think it may be useful to explain to those who have not had the "luck" to... (continue)
  • It is easier to invent myths than it is to dispel them. That is why, 60 years after the creation of the State of Israel, and despite the research carried out by the Israeli "new historians" in the Eighties, many of the falsehoods survive and continue to be spread by western propaganda. Just as... (continue)
  • However many bombs are dropped on the Lebanon or on Palestine, however many may be the deaths, the kidnappings and acts of torture of Palestinians and of Lebanese, whatever may be the arrogance of all Israeli governments and the impunity which they enjoy, the evidence is clear: the Zionist... (continue)
  • After a month of massacres in the Lebanon, when the Israeli armed forces have already killed a thousand civilians, destroyed generating plants, powdered milk factories, bridges roads, prevented aid to come, pursues its killing and attacks in the Palestinian Terrritories, France joins the USA in... (continue)
  • We, being citizens of all origins, devoted to respect for human rights, for international law and for justice for all the peoples of the world, are determined to denounce without cease the occupation of the Palestinian Territories which has lasted for so many years and which seriously threatens... (continue)